Vitamins that are best for oily skin control

vitaminsVitamins contain very important nutrients that are very important in the body of human beings. Vitamins are found in wide variety vegetables and fruits. These vitamins can be classified into 13 classes namely, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin K, vitamin E, Thiamine(often called Vitamin B1) and Folic Acid just to name a few. Every person must ensure that he or she consumes all vitamins periodically to avoid a deficiency because each class of vitamins is important in the body. One of the most overlooked importances of vitamins is the skin nourishment factor.

If you have a deficiency in some of the classes of vitamins you might experience oily hair and oily skins. An oily skin is caused by an increase in the oil secretion from the body. Some vitamins are able to control the levels of oil excretion from the body by controlling the hormones that are responsible. Other vitamins are able to improve the overall body immunity because they have some antioxidant properties. Some of the most important vitamins classes that can heal oily skins include; Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Vitamin B5.

Vitamin A

This class of vitamins entails antioxidant properties that are able to eliminate toxins from the body, repair skin tissues and reduce the amounts of oil production.  And vitamins are one of most important ingredients to cure oily hair. the five active compounds that are found in Vitamin A are; 4 pro-vitamins and retinol. Some cosmetic and health researchers have been able to develop a tropical jelly that is rich in Vitamin A called Retinoid. However, excess Vitamin A can be toxic because it is very soluble in fats. Vitamin A can be obtained from cooked sweet potatoes, cooked carrots, cooked kales, mangoes and Sweet red peppers among others.

Vitamin B5

This is an important class of vitamins that is required in the overall metabolism of body proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. This class of vitamins first works by reducing the skin’s pole size and second by reducing the symptoms of acne that involves Coenzyme A. So when the skin poles are reduced the amounts of clogged bacteria and fungi are reduced and the built-up amounts of sebum can be pushed out of the skin more easily. Another advantage of this class of vitamins is that, when the symptoms of acne are reduced the metabolism rates are speeded up and less amounts of sebum are produced. Vitamin B5 can be obtained from eggs, sunflower seeds, baked sweet potatoes and Avocado among others.

Vitamin C 

Vitamin C is another important vitamin that cures oily skins. It is most preferred because of its antioxidant properties. It can be obtained from Yellow peppers, Guavas, green kiwi, Broccoli, Tomatoes, pawpaw and citrus fruits.

These vitamins can also be obtained from supplements that are found in online cosmetic shops and also from the cosmetic stores that are found in your town. When using vitamins supplements you will be required to follow the prescriptions to the later.

7 ways to prevent oily hair

Oily hair can be pretty messy and unattractive. For people with such hair, the biggest question in their mind is “How to prevent oily hair?” For starters, if you notice your hair is greasy in a day or two’s time after a thorough wash, then chances are that you have oily hair. This is because your scalp is producing excess oil because of a number of reasons. These may include hormonal imbalance, hereditary traits and poor diet.

Oily hair tends to look unkempt, dirty and lifeless giving you a rather untidy look. Not to worry though because there is something you can do about it to bring the situation under control and give a fresh look to your hair for days.

Quality products.

The first thing you should do is to check what you are using. Hair care products of substandard quality will always mess up your scalp. The chemicals they contain will agitate your scalp causing it to produce more oil, leaving your hair greasy. Always opt for products with natures ingredients. Oil controlling shampoos are worth checking out.

best shampoo for oily hair

Avoid washing your hair daily.

Washing your hair daily removes the natural oils and moisturizers. The oil glands then respond by producing more oil. Use an effective oil removal shampoo to wash and remove oil a maximum of three times a week.

When you are done shampooing your hair, ensure you give it a good rinse. Completely remove any residue with lots of water. It is the residue in hair that attracts oil and dirt. The trick is to rinse for about two minutes so that there is no conditioner or shampoo residue before drying your hair.

wash hair

Spare the conditioner.

Since your oil glands are already producing too much oil, hair conditioner is not really important. You can use sparingly but experts strongly advice that you ditch it until you have totally resolved the problem at hand. If you really have to use it, apply it to the hair end away from the scalp. Applying conditioner will force you to wash your hair frequently and therefore initiate the greasing cycle.

Avoid touching.

Touching, brushing, scratching and combing excite the skin to produce oil. This is because your skin responds to friction and is unsettled by it. It will automatically produce lubrication in order to maintain a level of comfort. This lubrication can only come as oil. Comb and touch your hair as less often as possible.

 combing hair

Be cheerful.

Don’t stress over anything including how to get rid of oily hair. Stress will only initiate hormonal imbalance thus causing oily hair. Do some yoga, jog around or do whatever it is that interests you to keep stress levels down.

Avoid high temperature.

Hot temperature will always stimulate the oil glands in the skin and therefore cause greasy hair. Don’t use hot water to wash your hair. Use cold water at all times when washing your hair. During summer when it is sunny, shelter your hair in loose caps that allow air to circulate. Don’t use a hair dryer after washing your hair, opt for a towel instead. Did you know that hot temperatures also cause hair loss and premature ageing?

high temperature

Eat healthy.

A good diet will always play a part in leaving your skin and hair in healthy condition. Avoid oily or fatty foods. Vitamin A in carrots and omega-3s in walnuts and fish will do you much good. Ensure you have plenty of iron and proteins in your diet healthy

Always talk to a professional hair stylist for advice on the best products to use. Be sure to enjoy healthy beautiful looks with these home remedies.

What’s the Best Vitamins for Hair Loss

Symptoms of Hair Loss
Hair loss is a problem that faces a number of women and coming up with a solution that can prevent and treat hair is beneficial. A number of factors are responsible for causing hair loss, including poor diet, medications, hormones and extensive use of chemicals and oil in our bodies. These factors interfere with hair growth cycle. The interference arises because of the inability of the hair follicles to grow new hair. When faced with this problem, you should not worry. It is because there are a number of vitamins that can help to solve this problem. Knowing the best vitaminsfor hair loss is not easy. Suggestions include Biotin, Vitamin C and Niacin.

vitamins and hair loss

Best Vitamins for Hair Loss
Biotin is an example of Vitamin B7 and it is soluble in water making it efficient in the treatment of hair loss. Biotin has the capability of thickening hair strands, promoting the growth of the hair, and improving the health of hair follicles. This capability makes Biotin to be one of the best vitamins for hair loss. Any diet that contains Vitamin B helps in nourishing hair follicles that play a role in hair growth. Hair growth supplements such as Viviscal is made from a mixture of Vitamin B, C and other minerals such as Zinc and Iron. Other best vitamins for hair loss include Vitamin K, E and B 3. Niacin is an example of Vitamin B3.

Biotin and Hair Loss
Biotin is an important nutrient in supplements used to treat hair loss. It is found in a small number of food substances such as nuts and eggs. It is often used together with hair growth supplements to promote the growth of hair and reduce its thinning. Hairs that are deficient of Biotin are discolored and thin. A diet full of Biotin will help prevent this problem making it the best vitamins for hair loss.

hair loss shampoo

Biotin helps to prevent hairs from looking dull and brittle. A healthy diet full of Biotin is also beneficial to the nails, because it makes them healthy. This is by ensuring that nails become strong and brittle. Therefore, apart from promoting the natural hair growth cycle. Biotin also helps in improving the overall body health of a person.

Biotin Shampoos
To capitalize on Biotin as the best vitamins for hair loss, beauty and cosmetic companies have come up with a number of shampoos containing biotin. Examples of these shampoos include Mill Creek Botanicals Biotin, Natures Gate Biotin Shampoo, Avion Hair Thickening, Jason Natural Biotin and Nexus VitaTress shampoo. These shampoos have a large percentage of Biotin in their ingredients, and they are effective in improving the quality of hair.

Biotin Shampoos


Biotin is the best vitamins for hair loss. This nutrient has the capability of improving the quality of hair, and maintaining the hair growth cycle. Food substances rich in Biotin include eggs and nuts. Any person suffering from hair loss should consider the consumption of the mentioned foods, and the use of the above shampoos.